Work Available to View in May and June 2017

The Journey – Images of Migration, May 2017

An exhibition of Christine’s latest work runs throughout May 2017 at  Dunblane Museum Gallery, the Cross (next to Dunblane Cathedral), Dunblane, FK150AQ, Scotland, UK. Free entry, Mon – Sat 10.30am – 4.30pm from Tue 2nd May to Mon 29th May.

Open Studio Event, June 2017.

Christine’s ongoing and previous work is available to view during Forth Valley Art Beat. Visit her studio in Stirling, Scotland, 10-18th June 2017.  Free entry.  See East Neuk Studio at Forth Valley Art Beat for details


An except from recent work: The Journey- Images of Migration. Scroll to bottom of screen for more images.


Christine McIver -Biography

Christine’s early childhood was spent in Fife and then rural Aberdeenshire, with a move to the Scottish Borders when she was twelve.

Christine in her art studio
Christine in her studio

Her mother is a self taught artist and while she is the most obvious early influence, her father too had a shy talent for Art which won him a school prize and meant he was always interested in Art, if not as active. Every house the family lived in had a book room, amongst them many old and beautifully illustrated, and as a child they were a rich inspiration. Edmund Dulac and Arthur Rackham were special favourites. But also books on historical costume where the poised and richly clad figures in the illustrations, became the romantic characters in a seven year old imagination. As a child, Christine loved inventing drawings of beautiful princesses frilled within an inch of their lives and with hair coiled into ringlets or pigtails; discovering how to draw a pigtail was like the opening of a magic door. The enjoyment of creating these picturesque characters with their unseen stories, saw her through secondary school and on to Art College where Illustration seemed an obvious direction.


Christine was yet to experience the waxy, turpin, messiness of printmaking, along with the element of the unknown which precedes every unprinted plate and gives the whole process an unpredictable, adventurous quality. The imaginary characters were soon superseded by giant plants and flowers, the detailed clothing and ringlet hair, with the intricate surface texture of etched steel.

After qualifying from Gray’ school of Art in 1984 with a degree in fine Art and Printmaking, Christine married and moved to Stirling where she now lives with her husband.

With many of her husbands family living on the North West coast of Ireland, much of her previous work has been in response to the incredibly beautiful and constantly shifting and eroding Donegal coastline.

With two grown up children now following their own creative paths as writer and artist, and her own career as a teacher coming, by choice, to a close, Christine is ready to open another chapter.

Recent figurative work is showing signs of some of those early influences surfacing again, but with less princess and a harder edge to the story.

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